OVFF 2024 Health Policy

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OVFF’s health policy is part of a two-stage strategy to address health concerns, yet create an atmosphere where everyone has the possibility to attend. Some details of this policy cannot be predicted ahead of time, and can only be announced within a few weeks of the convention.

1. OVFF will comply with all current regulations for large gatherings for health and safety. As long as there is not a government-mandated masking order, we will strive to be as open as possible to all members of our community.

2. All attendees must show proof of the most recent available COVID vaccination booster; or if they are unable to vaccinate, must show a recent PCR test (which vaccination booster, and how much time before the con the PCR test must be taken will be decided closer to the con).

3. Most of the convention spaces will be “Masking Recommended”. If choosing to mask, please consider using ones with higher filtration rates (like N-95, FFP2, etc.)

4. Parts of the convention space will be designated as “Masking Required”. Activities in this area are to remain strictly masked unless exceptions are agreed by everyone in the room.

5. If you are running a program item, you can request whether your item should be “Masking Required” or “Masking Recommended”.

Stage 2
With this in mind, OVFF has dedicated the resources to have Corsi-Rosenthal filters in nearly every filk room, the Dealer’s Room, and the Consuite. This allows constant filtration of the air in enclosed spaces, reducing the chances of allergens or other particulates suspended in the air from affecting the health of our attendees.

Note: This entire topic is a no-win situation. No matter whether the policy is strict, hybrid, or a return back to the days of no masks or covid vaccines- there will be someone who really wants to attend OVFF who will feel that they are being singled out. To us, this hybrid policy is the only solution that is as inclusive to the entire community as possible.

A hybrid masking policy allows people to make their own decisions regarding the level of health risk they are willing to accept, and creates a pathway where no one is blocked by the policy itself to attend. With the vaccination and testing requirements, the goal is to make OVFF safer than spending a weekend in any general public place.

Please be respectful of other members of the community who may not feel the same way as you do, and we look forward to seeing you next year!


If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact us here.