A line drawing of a pegasus in flightEvery year, OVFF presents many fine concerts.

There is the Pegasus Award Nominees concert on Friday night. On Saturday, there is the Toastmaster concert, the GoH concert, the InterFilk guest concert, and a concert curated by the Honored Listener. On Sunday, there are concerts given by other members of the filk community, and the Chamberfilk workshop ensemble also performs.

Pegasus Nominees Concert

The Pegasus Award Nominees concert is held every year at OVFF on Friday night. At this concert, all of the songs nominated in the “Best Filk Song”, “Best Classic Filk Song”, and that year’s two floating categories (see the Pegasus page for details) are presented; sometimes by the composer, sometimes by other performers. This affords OVFF attendees one last chance to hear the songs before they vote.

The final ballots for the Pegasus Award for Excellence in Filking are then cast, and the Pegasus committee then counts the votes, along with those ballots cast by filkers throughout the world via online or mail-in balloting, and only then is it known who will win the Pegasus this year.


For those who do not have a concert, but have songs or other performance pieces that they want to share with the entire convention, there are several slots for One-Shot performances from the main stage.

Because of the level of interest in performing at OVFF, slots are handed out by a random draw. Ballots for the one-shots will be at the registration table.