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2023 Brainstorming Poll: Best Performer Ideas

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We solicited the opinions of filkers all over the world to compile these lists. By definition, a brainstorm is a way of generating a lot of ideas. It is important at this phase to note that what is sought is every single idea, regardless of its eligibility or accuracy.

While we do try to correct spelling and filter out ineligible artists; there is no guarantee that all the artists listed here are actually eligible. At the end of the day, these are the ideas as they were given to us by the community at large. Should you find something we missed, please feel free to email us at pegasus at ovff dot org with any corrections.

Adams, Alexander James
Bliss, Moss
Bowman, Morva & Pollard, Alan
Bretscher, Luke
Burnside-Clapp, TJ & Mitchell
Cardui, Vanessa
Charming Disaster
Cheshire Moon
Chiffon, Blind Lemming
Clement, Dave
Conway, Chris
Coulson, Juanita
Court & Country
Dale, Heather
Dean, Lawrence
Ehrlich, Gary
Faithful Sidekicks
Garthson, Jane
Glass, Brett
Griffin, Tim
Gunderson, Daniel
Hanak, Gary
Hewett, Lexi
Hinchen, Naomi
Honisch, Ju & Dröge-Macdonald, Katy
Hudson, Leslie
Kelly, Daniel
Kinder, Sabine
Körte, Rika
Kwinn, Paul
Larsen, Sunnie
Linsley, Karen
Maaren, Kari
Macdonald, Steve
Mason, Mikey
McDaid, John
McManamon, Cathy
McNally, Amy
Midkiff, Jen
Morris, Amanda
Neill, Don
Oxford, Lauren
Pair O'Dice
PDX Broadsides
Preston, Heather
Roberts, Madison Metricula
Roper, Bill & Gretchen
Russell, Summer
Stagner, Dave
Starlight Darlins
Stone Dragons
Sutton, Bill & Brenda
Tamayo, Clover (Cacophonie)
The Blibbering Humdingers
The PDX Broadsides
Ulbrich, Carla
van Hayden, Deborah and Basil
Via Bella
Wild Mercy
Wreck the System


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