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Scott Vaughan IF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Group
2020 Best Performer The Blibbering Humdingers
2019 Best Performer The Blibbering Humdingers


Scott really got into music in college when he traded in his old alto saxophone for a flute and started playing entirely too much Jethro Tull. Not long after he became involved with the SCA, bought a cheap guitar and began writing and performing as "Efenwealt Wystle". For most of the next 20 years the SCA was his primary musical outlet - doing bardic, medieval, renaissance, celtic, and folk music. He plays guitar, flute, recorders, krumhorn, bodhran and dabbles on other medieval noise makers. He's done a lot of independent study on medieval and renaissance music and picked up lots of useless tidbits along the way.

Around 2007 he and his wife Kirsten dove into the world of Harry Potter fandom and discovered wizard rock - a movement of indie musicians doing original music inspired by the Potter series. They quickly formed their own wizard rock act — The Blibbering Humdingers. Since then they've released several studio albums a few live albums, various EPs, singles — and have been contributors toward half a dozen charity compilations for the Harry Potter Alliance - a non-profit group that helps to reduce world-suck through literacy and empowerment.

When not singing he's made a 20-some year career in clinical research and healthcare communications. He develops and manages communications campaigns to educate patients and doctors about clinical research studies sponsored by various pharmaceutical firms. Don't hate him for it.



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