COVID Information 2023


A line drawing of a pegasus in flight
OVFF is pleased to announce that we will hold an in-person convention this year.


COVID Regulations for OVFF 2023

Vaccination Policy

Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, for 2023 we will require proof of vaccination against COVID-19 from all attendees. This includes children of all ages. Proof of vaccination can be sent to in the form of a digital photo of your COVID-19 vaccination card or provided at time of registration. If we have your proof of vaccination on record from a previous year, you are not required to provide it again.

If a digital photo is provided it will be used by registration only to mark your record in our database as having proof of vaccination. It will not be retained by us or forwarded to any other party. You may cover your birth date and SSN on the card if you wish. You may also bring your vaccination card or a photocopy of it with you to the con if you would prefer not to send it ahead of time by email.

You will not be admitted to the con without proof of vaccination prior to or at the time of registration.

Mask Policy

OVFF will require masks covering the nose and mouth in all convention spaces within the hotel. We recommend wearing a respirator-style mask (N95, KN95, KF94, etc.) rather than a cloth mask, based on the best scientific evidence about current COVID-19 variants. Masks should not have exhalation valves.

The masking requirement applies in all circumstances EXCEPT when eating or drinking in the consuite or at the Pegasus banquet, and when actively performing in a concert, workshop, or filk circle. That said, we have good anecdotal evidence that you can sing through your mask if you choose.

Thank you for your help in making OVFF 2023 as safe as possible for everyone involved.


We really appreciate your historic generosity in donations to the consuite; however, we are not accepting donations of home-made food. If you want to donate food, you may bring pre-packaged, individual serving commercial foods (with ingredients lists) to the service side of the consuite. Thanks for your understanding and support!


If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact usĀ here.