Picture of Xap Esler at a windy coast; the hair is blown in her face.

Honored Listener: Xap Esler

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, (OK, a few years ago in Illinois) a fellow Callahanian invited xap to her first SF con. While wondering its dim halls late-night she literally stumbled across her first filk circle & was immediately hooked.

She finally managed to make it to OVFF for the first time in 2009, and has only missed two since. Along the way she’s attended MANY circles and concerts, at cons, homes, and online. She’s aided & abetted with music program-planning, tech crews, and the occasional Interfilk table, and has been called “cleric to bards” due to her stashes of teas, ginger, and other care-taking supplies.

Most of all, xap loves enjoying and supporting her filk friends, family, & community.
Just remember – it’s not her fault! 😉