Picture of Heather Preston on a porch framed by lovely tree branches and flowers.

Interfilk Guest: Heather Preston

Heather is an astronomer and planetarium director with a music habit. She got into filk in her late teens but then experienced “filkus interruptus.” With occasional forays to cons when she was working at Space Telescope Science Institute and later in the Seattle area, she was only able to maintain a tenuous connection to this wonderful music (a bit more luck with Irish Trad).

Covid and the move to Zoom cons fixed that – one of the few good side effects of everyone zooming for a while was getting to know and/or reconnect with wonderful, fun, interesting, talented, passionate filkers worldwide. Now, with a grown son, she has a little more time to indulge her urge to filk. Any book, video, song or person might inspire her — so if you find her gazing at you musingly… beware!
Or then again, she could just be off in astro-nerd-land, it happens…