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OVFF Guests Since the Beginning of Time

Here is a list of the honored guests and some other vital statistics for all of the OVFF conventions to date. If available, guest photos ([P]) and the program book for the year (as an Adobe Acrobat PDF) are linked as well.

Year OVFF Guests Chair Documents
2019 35 GoH: Playing Rapunzel [P]
Toast: Judith Hayman [P]
Listener: Teresa Gunderson [P]
InterFilk: Dana Katz-Buchshtav [P]
New Voices: Rhiannon's Lark [P]
Linnea Davis Program
2018 34 GoH: Cheshire Moon [P]
Toast: Rob Wynne [P]
Listener: Harold Stein [P]
InterFilk: Julia West [P]
New Voices: Wreck the System [P]
Linnea Davis Program
2017 33 GoH: Seanan McGuire [P]
Toast: W. Randy Hoffman [P]
Listener: Harold Feld [P]
InterFilk: Mike Briggs [P]
Kathy Hamilton Program
2016 32 GoH: Vixy & Tony[P]
Toast: Tim Griffin[P]
Listener: Ed Chamberlain[P]
InterFilk: Kay Shapero [P]
Kathy Hamilton  
2015 31 GoH: Heather Dale & Ben Deschamps[P]
Toast: Margaret Davis & Kristoph Klover[P]
Listener: Trace Hagemann[P]
InterFilk: Alexa Klettner [P]
Kathy Hamilton Program
2014 30 GoH: Decadent Dave Clement[P]
Toast: Stone Dragons[P]
Listener: Howard Scrimgeour[P]
InterFilk: Debs and Errol [P]
New Voices: Copy Red Leader [P]

Kathy Hamilton Program
2013 29 GoH: S.J. Tucker [P]
Toast: Alexander James Adams[P]
Listener: Roberta Slocumb [P]
InterFilk: Joe "Fax Paladin" Abbott [P]
Special Guest: Betsy Tinney [P]
Also Appearing: Talis Kimberley

Kathy Hamilton Program
2012 28 GoH: Ju Honisch & Katy Dröge-Macdonald [P]
Toast: Steve Macdonald [P]
Listener: Bill Henley [P]
InterFilk: Blibbering Humdingers [P]
Kathy Hamilton Program
2011 27 GoH: Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff [P]
Toast: Juanita Coulson [P]
Listener: Tim Miller [P]
InterFilk: Cindy Turner [P]
Kathy Hamilton Program
2010 26 GoH: Urban Tapestry [P]
Toast: Mitchell & T.J. Burnside Clapp [P] [P]
Listener: Kathleen Sloan [P]
InterFilk: The Bedlam Bards [P]
Kathy Hamilton Program
2009 25 GoH: Duane Elms [P]
GoH: Diane Gallagher [P] (in absentia)
GoH: Margaret Middleton [P]
GoH: Larry Warner [P]
GoH: Mary Ellen Wessels [P]
InterFilk: Karen Anderson [P]
Kathy Hamilton Program
2008 24 GoH: Tim & Annie Walker [P]
Toast: Graham & Becca Leathers [P]
Listener: Jan DiMasi [P]
InterFilk: Sibylle Machat [P]
Lori Coulson
2007 23 GoH: Michael 'Moonwulf' Longcor [P]
Toast: Marty Coady-Fabish [P]
Listener: Bob and Anne Passovoy [P]
InterFilk: Ellen 'Blade' McMicking [P]
Lori Coulson
2006 22 GoH: Mary Crowell [P]
Toast: Paul Kwinn [P]
Listener: Judi Miller [P]
InterFilk: Tony Fabris [P]
Lori Coulson
2005 21 GoH: Frank Hayes [P]
Toast: Seanan McGuire
Listener: Terry Wolfe-Ellis
InterFilk: Eric Gerds [P]
Lori Coulson Program
2004 20 GoH: Ookla the Mok
Toast: Scott Snyder
Listeners: Mary Frost Pierson & J. Elaine Richards
InterFilk: Heather Dale [P]
Lori Coulson Program
2003 19 GoH: Bill Roper
Toast: Margaret Middleton
Listener: Kerry Gilley
InterFilk: Blake Hodgetts
Lori Coulson *
2002 18 GoH: Heather Rose Jones [P]
Toast: Joe Ellis [P]
Listener: Dave Hayman [P]
InterFilk: Rob Wynne [P]
Lori Coulson Program
2001 17 GoH: Three Weird Sisters [P]
Toast: Michael 'Moonwulf' Longcor [P]
Listener: Ed Jones
InterFilk: Terence Chua [P]
Jinney Eigel Program
2000 16 GoH: Talis Kimberley [P][P][P][P]
Toast: Mark Bernstein [P]
Listener: Joy Parker [P]
InterFilk: Lee & Barry Gold
Lori Coulson
Diana Huey
1999 15 GoH: Tom Smith
Toast: Kathleen Sloan
Listener: Leslie Larkins
InterFilk: Mary Miller
Shelby Bartellis
Diana Huey
1998 14 GoH: Black Book Band
Toast: Jordin Kare
Listener: Solomon Davidoff
InterFilk: Cecilia Eng
Larry Smith
Lori Coulson
1997 13 GoH: Bill Roper, Clif Flynt & Mary Ellen Wessels
Listener: Elaine Richards
InterFilk: Cat Faber
Shelby Bartellis
Diana Huey
1996 12 GoH: Dave Clement
Toast: Leslie Fish
Listener: Ann Cecil
InterFilk: Nick Smith
Shelby Bartellis
Jan Wagner
1995 11 GoH: Steve Macdonald
Toast: Heather Alexander
Listener: George 'Lan' Laskowski
InterFilk: Paul & Catherine Macdonald
Diana Huey *
1994 10 GoH: Juanita Coulson
Toast: Bill & Brenda Sutton
Listener: Buck Coulson
Sally Kobee *
1993 9 GoH: Duane Elms
Toast: Mary Ellen Wessels
Listener: Helen Parker
InterFilk: Zander Nyrond
Shelby Bartellis *
1992 8 GoH: Kathy Mar
Toast: Larry Warner
Listener: Marie Schneider
Shelby Bartellis *
1991 7 GoH: Cynthia McQuillin
Toast: Robin Bailey
Listener: Howard Scrimgeour
Kathy Hamilton
Emily Vazquez Coulson
1990 6 GoH: Musical Chairs
Listener: Mary Frost Pierson
Emily Vazquez *
1989 5 GoH: Barry & Sally Childs-Helton
Toast: Joey Shoji
Van Siegling *
1988 4 GoH: Bill Roper
Toast: Diana Gallagher Wu
Sally Kobee *
1987 3 GoH: Mercedes 'Misty' Lackey
Toast: Michael 'Moonwulf' Longcor
Kathy Hamilton
Mary Kay Jackson
1986 2 GoH: Bill Sutton
Toast: Margaret Middleton
Kathy Hamilton
Mary Kay Jackson
1984 1 GoH: Julia Ecklar Van Siegling *

If you have any interesting historical information about OVFF, photographs, or other artifacts that you believe belong on this page, please send it to publications@ovff.org.


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